Blind Pit Bull Had a Bad Start To Life But Loving Family Comes

 Love you can’t always see it with your eyes but you can always feel with your heart. 


 A Pennsylvania teenager named Katie Frame knows her canine Bear adores her, indeed though he has no eyes. She feels the love from her doggy when he lays his big, square head in her stage, when she cuddles with him on the settee, and when the canine sits by her bases and gazes up at her adoringly.

 Bear loves Katie unconditionally and the feeling is relatively collective, but Bear hasn’t always been lucky enough to be a part of a loving family. When he was just one year old, he and his sisters were running loose in Trenton, New Jersey, when he was hit by a auto. The motorist sped off without stopping, leaving Bear gravely injured in a gas station parking lot. 

“ He looked like commodity out of a sick horror movie,” said Katie. 



 Close to death, Bear was taken to the original pet sanitarium where Katie’s mama happed to work. His proprietor was communicated, but when they showed up to identify him and saw the extent of his injuries, they left him there. He sat in the pen, in agony, for three days. Bear’s eyes were so poorly injured that they ultimately had to be removed. 

 Seeing the suffering canine who had been abandoned by every human he ’d ever known was further than Katie’s mama could bear. After agitating what bringing a impaired canine into their home would mean, they decided to go for it. 

“ She told me about Bear and together we decided to open our hearts and home to the poor soul,” Katie said. “ Right after that he got the medical attention he desperately demanded, and after that my beautiful boy came home. Now let me tell you, he's the happiest sweetest doggy I ’ve ever had the honor to be friends with.” 


 Once his health problems had been addressed, Katie and her family were thrilled to discover a awful, loving personality hiding beneath the face. Katie says he doesn’t indeed feel bothered by his lack of sight; he’s a impeccably normal canine in every way. 

 “ Living with a eyeless canine isn't so different from living with a regular canine,” Katie said. “ He bumps into effects occasionally, but he ultimately counterplotted out the house in his head and he gets around easier than I allowed he would.” 


 Like utmost putrefied house pets, Bear loves taking walks, biting on his favorite ball, and spending time disporting with the family’s golden retriever Reese. 

 Bear loves everyone and is known for chatting new friends by hopping into their stages for kisses. His sense of hail is incredibly sharp, so he’s suitable to navigate his world with relative ease. His family is also quick to help him when he needs it, as all good families do. 

In malignancy of all the help the Frame family has given Bean, they all agree that he’s given them each much more. “ Before he came into my life, I was so upset that I was wasting my life,” Katie said. “ I felt like time was moving faster than I was. But now I feel like I've purpose. He has significantly bettered my life.” 


 Katie says she can’t imagine life without her eyeless canine, and now she’s more confident about working with pets with special requirements. 

 “ He motivates me to get up and actually share in life. He makes me smile when I ’m feeling caliginous, and he gave me a reason to enjoy life. Bear is an amazing canine. Nothing holds him back from leading a normal happy life. Not his blindness and not his strain. He has tutored me that love isn't what you see, but what you feel.” 


 Bean is evidence that we easily don’t need vision to see what truly matters. Please share his story. 

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