Dragging His Shabby Body on The Street, He Became The Joke of The People in The Village

 What is this ! Spine ! what awaits him there !! a million questions, not asingle answer ! 

So sad ! no strength left , not even tears . every day look into hopeful eyes and understand that we are offending him. 

he has shot in the back, the bullets were still on his back ... who the hell had cut off his life like this ??  everything will be okey , you will get better , we are with you . 

Kaplan is named after the place where hes was found. Kaplan has a long process ahead of him. He will undergo a lot of surgery .

Kaplan in is therapy. Hopefully he will be able to walk again. 

Now he is livinga new life , this wonderful dog is enjoying his life . The boy is very happy and cheerful. he gave us a big smile. 

Sincere, Kind gentle. Smile of joy and true hapiness . 

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  • Anonymous April 29, 2022 at 4:20 PM

    Thank you for rescung this beautiful dog and it is unbelievabble how you worked to make him walk again..


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