Firefighter gives stray puppy a foster home after he was rescued from fire

 We ’ve seen numerous stories of firefighters delivering faves in need of help. Whether it’s saving pets  from indurating cold waters or tight logjams, fire crews can always be counted on to save the day. 


 But occasionally firefighters go indeed further, going over-and-beyond the line of duty to make sure these pets land on their bases and have a safe place to stay. 

That was the case lately, after one softhearted firefighter gave a pup a foster home after he was saved from a fire. 

 According to CBS Sacramento, firefighters from the Sacramento Fire Department discovered the small pup after responding to a debris fire. 



 The pup was alive but had some becks from the fire. 

 “ He'd a lot more plastic, burned plastic, on top of his fur area on top of his reverse (and on) top of his head,” firefighter Mike Thawley told CBS. “ He has a little down below burned on the hind leg.” 


 But not only did the fire department get the canine out of the fire, they made sure he'd a good home to recover in. 


 The department’s captain called Thawley, to see if he'd be willing to take the canine in as a foster. The firefighter, who has experience fostering saved pets, agreed. 

Thawley is now taking good care of the doggy in his home while Front Street Animal Shelter looks to find him an ever home. 



 Coffer in a good home, the pup is now recovering and starting to open up to his foster family. 

 “ He perked up enough good when we gave him water, a bath, some food,” Thawley told CBS Sacramento. “ (We) started picking off some of the plastic and also history (his) personality started coming out Tail wagging, following us around, biting.” 

Five years ago, the firefighter took in a hole bull named Chunk, who had been left chained up to a hedge and was suffering from mange. He ended up espousing Chunk as his  pet. 


 It remains to be seen where this fire- saved pup will end up, but safe to say he’s in good hands until he finds his ever home. 

 According to a Facebook post from the Sacramento Fire Department, the pup is unnamed, and they're asking the public’s help in chancing a befitting name for the canine. Commenters have suggested names like “ Lucky,” “ Scrappy” and “ Sparky.” 


 We ’re so glad this pup is safe and has a loving foster home! Thank you to this firefighter for going over-and-beyond to help this doggy! 

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