Frightened rescue dog finds comfort in her 11-month-old loyal friend

Dogs do their best to help us overcome hard moments in life with their  optimism and their  supply of joy. a while, we get a chance to return  that favor and do something good for them, 

you should get ready to meet the dog Nora and 11-month-old  Archie. These two have been best friends since the irst day theu met, and their story will  remind you how powerful the connection between a human and a dog can be.

Nora didn’t  have an easy begaining  in life.  it was hard . Nora comes from an abusive house and was left with emotional scars as a result of it. she was afraid oft anything and anyone. 

“At any time ,you’re likely to find  kids, cats and/or dogs lying about the house some where,” Elizabeth Spence, Archie’s mom told the Dodo.

That’s until she knewt baby Archie.  Nora accepted the baby from the second metting and from that point on .  what firstly attracted Nora towards the baby is her relaxed attitude , by the time, their connection grew stronger.

“Archie is a happy and good-natured  baby and all the animals seem to  respond to that, particularly Nora,” Spence said. “She came from a bad background and is afraid of  everything. Not Archie, though. She  adores him!”

The baby offers her a sense of safety and security that Nora needed to overcome her  past hard experiences . What a lovely duo!

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