German shepherd puppy rescued after being tied-up in garbage bag

 Aaron Kaatz wasn’t awaiting to get a new pup when he left a friend’s house lately. But while walking in a back lane in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he heard faint mewling coming from a scrap bag. 


 The bag was tied shut and sitting coming to a dumpster Kaatz told CBC News. He was nervous about what he might find outside but when he ripped the bag open he was shocked to find a German Cowgirl pup. The pup was dirty, indurating cold and veritably spooked. 

 “ I was speechless at first,” he told the Canadian news station. “ There was a whole bunch of mixed feelings. I was glad I was there to deliver it, but I was frenetic that it was thrown down in a scrap bag just left there to die.” 

Aaron took the pup to his auto and wrapped her in a mask and warmed her up. He also took her home and gave her a bath. She didn't have any markers or ID so he gave her a name – Elle. 


 Aaron has ago been in touch with the original  humane society. Aaron says she’s absolutely perfect and that he plans on keeping her. He said, “ She just falls right into your arms and she just wants to be loved.” 

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