He just wags his tail at anything and everything, despite having over 220 pellets lodged in his body

 Meet Buck ! We knew he was shot multiple times with a shotgun,e just wags his tail at anything and everything , even with a hole in his face which was inflicted by a human. a dog's resilience is truly amazing. We took him to Vergi 24/7 to be examined.They reoeat X-rays so aradiologist can review them and  got him started on IV fluids, antibiotics and pain meds.

some o the skin on his face is already dead so they need to do some debriding, and he will be sedacted for that.We hope who ever shot this sweet boy somehow sees that he's alive, safe and sound now ! for whatever reason someone tried to destry this dog with a shotgun, they obviously failed.

and we will celebrate that failed attempt by giving buck the best new life and the best chance to a full recovery.even though we will likely never find the onewho shot this defenseless dog , We can get Buck justice in other ways, like by making sure this never happens to him again.

Buck was shot and has over 200 gunshot pellets all throughout his body , with majority being in his face. The Vet don't think he needs any major facial reconstructive surgeries,  but feel he could benefit from some minor procedures to help bring tissue together.

This biggest concern is his lip and that it may not fully grow back normally. He's settling in well at his foster home! thanks all for the support and love !

after 20 days , he is doing well . his face is healing up well and he's still limping quite harshly, he acts as if nothing happened . Fortunately, this traumatic event didn't phase back, and that's a testimony to  how strong and tenacious dogs can be .

the initial plan was to wait 2 weeks to see if he had muscular lameness,or if there could've been a pellet lodget in his joint. His limping should have improved but since it hasn't ,we will probably be doing a CT scan .

if a pellet is stuck, he could potentially need surgery. but later he returned to specialists this week who determined a CT scan was not needed at this time but we're keeping an eye on his limping and we expect it to improve. 

later he found his new famully which took care of him and give him all the love and care he needs .

He is enjoying his  new life .

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