He Sat And Waited For 10 Years But No One Saved Him – The Story Has Melted Millions Of Hearts

he was found laying on the side of the road unable to move with a gigantic tumor hanging rom his stomach area.He was helpless and leaving him was not an option.We had him picked up and rushed to the hospital where he was medically treated. 

His condition was extremely poor and he stopped eating and knew that the tumor was killing him.

Midnight arrived saely yesterday and the vets immediately did blood work, X-rays and an ultraound.

  Sadly, he has a lot of issues and he is sufering rom hookworms, anemia, malnourishment.please send your thoughts for midnight .

Tomorrow we will know when our senior boy midnight will have his surgery to remove the tumor that has been plaguing his body for far too long. in addition, his blood platelets were extremely low, so we could not perorm surgery to remove the tumor because he would not have survived.

His tumor is growing so tomorrow we are getting blood tests done and he will hopefully get surgery done in the next ew days. Midnight is such a special boy and everyone loves him there . 

Modnight surgery was a success and they were able to remove the tumor which is actually testicular tumor.

it was massive and weighed approximately 4.85 pounds . That has been such a burden on his rail little body and I am just so happy or him that it's now gone.We are so proud o Midnight who was even able to take a few steps after surgery. 

As you know I love this senior boy and he is certainly winning hearts o all who meet him.

we absolutely love this boy and we will do everything possible or him. Thank you to everyone who has helped us with Midnight so ar, Thank you very much !

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