Husky howls with delight as it is reunited with its owner in Ukraine's Bucha

 This is the joyous moment a husky howls with delight as it's reunited with its master after Ukrainian dog faces plant it partial dead in an abandoned auto in Bucha. 

 Nessy was discovered when Ukrainian forces took back control of the city in Kyiv following Russia's month-long occupation which left the area destroyed and numerous people dead. 

The dog was separated from its proprietor while Russian forces enthralled the city a many weeks ago, but footage released moment showed the moment the husky was reunited with its proprietor. 


 Nessy is seen running across what appears to be a auto demesne before catching a regard of its proprietor. 

The dog also starts running, tail wagging, before reaching them and howling with sheer joy at being reunited. 



 The Kastus Kalinouskiv Battalion, a group of Belarussian dogfaces volunteering in Ukraine, arranged the reunion after managing to track down Nessy's proprietor. 

 In a post on Facebook, the group said'A little positive in these delicate times. 


During Bucha's release we plant Nessy, the canine, left alone. But thanks to our musketeers we plant her hosts and moment she's back to them. 

 Look at this emotional moment. 

As long as some treat people like pets , we're fighting for the lives of not only humans but every pet.'

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