Man Sees Huge Bear Dragging His Pit Bull By The Head & Tackles Bear To Save Him

 The day earlier than Thanksgiving, Kaleb Bentham’s Pit Bull, Buddy, was once taking part in outdoor of his Nevada County, California home, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When Bentham heard a growl, he seemed backyard and noticed a 350-pound endure with 90-pound Buddy’s whole head in his mouth, dragging him away.

Bentham was once horrified, however shortly jumped into motion to store his furry first-rate friend.

He ran toward them, plowed into the endure and tackled him. In a determined strive to free Buddy, Bentham grabbed the endure with the aid of the throat and started out hitting him in the face till he subsequently let go of the dog.

Bentham didn’t even hesitate risking his personal existence to store Buddy.

“If it used to be your kid, what would you do,” Bentham stated to CBS Sacramento. “That’s my kid, I would die for my dog.”

Buddy was once in such awful form that Bentham feared he would lose him. He rushed Buddy to Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital, the place he used to be straight away taken into surgical operation to retailer his life.

Buddy ended up desiring staples, stitches and tubes inserted into his head to drain fluid. Thankfully, the vet group of workers was once capable to keep Buddy’s life, and he is now recuperating at home.

Unfortunately, the identical endure is nevertheless wandering the nearby and has even been to their residence countless instances on the grounds that the incident.

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