Missing 5-year-old boy with Down syndrome found with his loyal dog keeping him safe

“This dog was his protector and his angel.”

When this little boy went missing from home, loyal dog Alejandro never let him out of sight, keeping him safe from harm... Good dog!

Pets are similar pious and defensive faves, especially when it comes to youthful kiddies. There have been numerous cases of kiddies going missing from home, only to be plant with their pious canine right by their side keeping them safe. 


 That was the case lately, after a missing 5- years-old boy was plant safe and sound thanks to his defensive German cowgirl. 

On April 2, officers from the Houston Police Department responded to a call about a youthful boy walking along train tracks with only his canine by his side. 


 bill Sgt. Ricardo Salas of the department says he realized the 5- years-old had Down pattern, and was about a half a afar from his home. He also realized that the German cowgirl, named Alejandro, had followed him as his protection. 



Here’s another photo of Alejandro keeping a close eye on Jose. Jose had wondered off into the train tracks Saturday morning. They walked through very thick tall brushes. An incredible story. #OfficersInAction #Houston #Safety #Alejandro #DogsofTwittter pic.twitter.com/S9K1gJFePk
— SergeantSalas (@OfficerSalas) April 4, 2022

 “ Substantiations told me the canine was with the little boy when they plant him. As I walked down with the boy, the canine followed,”Sgt. Salas wrote on Twitter. “ This canine was his protection and his angel.” 

 “ It seems like to us that the canine knew commodity was over, he knew that the child was n’t supposed to be wandering off and he ended up following him,” he told the Houston Chronicle. “ He was veritably defensive and would not take his eyes off the child.” 


 Indeed with the officers there to help them, Alejandro remained watchful, not letting his mortal out of his sight. 

Ohh my God y’all, I have to tell y’all this incredible story. This morning we got several 911 calls of a 3 year old boy walking on the railroad tracks with a dog alone. When I arrived, I carried the little boy and tried asking him questions. I could tell he had Down syndrome. 1/5 pic.twitter.com/JFuv9YLrrg
— SergeantSalas (@OfficerSalas) April 2, 2022

 “ The canine was following principally everyplace I went. It was n’t barking, it was n’t bullied,” Salas added, saying that when he put the boy in the auto the canine “ jumped inside the motorist’s seat with him.” 

 Soon, the officers entered another call and discovered that the boy was a missing child named Jose. The boy’s mama, Jasmine Martinez, told Click 2 Houston that she and her 5- years-old son had started taking a nap, and when she woke up she realized Jose had wandered off. 


 Thankfully, everything worked out okay the boy had no injuries other than some minor scrapes. The family is thankful, but not surprised, that their pious canine stepped up to cover Jose when he was in peril. 

“ Alejandro has always been a veritably protective canine since we got him, we got him when he was a baby. I wasn't surprised when they said he was walking with him the whole entire time,” Jose’s family, Samantha Muñoz, told Click 2 Houston. 



 Police said no charges would be filed against the family, and the mama is now installing child defensive cinches to help anything like this from passing again. 

 Salas says he was moved by the “ position of fidelity this canine had to this little boy” and says it was important that the canine was looking after him because the road tracks are typically veritably busy. 


 “ Thank you God for looking over this child,” he wrote. 

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