Poor Mother Dog Unable To Stand Lying There Desperate Crying For Help Her Puppies!

We got a call for help a poor stray mother dog was poisoned by monster people...the mother dog have symptoms such as reptures, anemia and skin diseases...

the mother suffered extreme pains, lying there crying for help in desperate..

9 puppies not enough milk to feed, they are very hungry. we move 8 puppies to my friend house far away to feed with goat milk and other foods ...

all 8 puppies are save and growing there.the mother and 1 puppy was took to the Vet fore treatment ..

2 days later fortenately, the mother is getting well, she and her puppy is in good health now. thanks God ! after 1 month the mother and the puppy are in better conditions .

 and the great news is that all 8 puppies was adopted and find their forever home .

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