Rescue The Poor Dog That Was Abandoned And Had A Big Leash Wrapped Around Its Neck In An House

We are animals rescue team, 

when we recieve information about abandoned or sick little animals ,we always do our best to help them.

 Rescue the poor puppy in the abandoned house poor puppy lost her mother . 

This little puppy was staying in this old house without food or water , sure he is starving and thirsty .

We gave him some food and and tried to test his body if he is okey ,and if he don't hadve any healthy problem . it seems like he is okey but we decided to took him to a Vet to confirm he is in a good conditions .

We took him Vet , he examined the poor doggy and the positive hews is he is in good conditions but he needs good amilentation to recover his weight ...

Later we gave hime a perfect shower to clean all the dirty things in his body , and look how beautiful is it.

Now he is beautiful doggy , living in lovely home and enjoying his life . 

Hope we can help all animals who need help .

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