Rescue the poor dog that was thrown into the deep lake in the cold weather.

Rescuing a small dog that was cruelly thrown into the lake in the cold winter. 

Some one throw this little doggy in the lake without any feelings in the cold winter .

We didn't understand how people can be like that , how people can heart weak animals . 

The little doggy was in bzd conditions , he was so cold and breathing slowly as he will die . we took him directly to the Clinc where  The vet examined him . 

The vet was shocked how people can be like that .  

 The vet give  The little doggy all the treatement he needs and somme foods but he couldn't eat anything .

after many days ,he is better . he stars eating and moving alittle bit.

after one month he is in better conditions and he is enjoying his new life .

Thank you for always supporting anumal rescue team 

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