Rescued Thin Dog Was Abandoned For Days By The Owner And Ended too Sweet

This is  kayros, living in Madrid , Spain .  

Few know that this doggy  suffered so much pain from being abandoned by his owner .

he was very sick so very thin . he could not stand up to go . he was rescued from hell, 

later  a man helped him . He took me to the hospital for treatement. the dog was saved  in the right time  because he was in hard situation .

Thanks for doctors who helped this dog .after 1 month he is in better health conditions .and his new owner is taking care o him .

THe dog is enjoying his new life with his great owner.

hope we all help  dogs to get better lives .

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  • Daniel
    Daniel April 19, 2022 at 4:55 AM

    You'd be wrong about "not getting even one like"! You're a superstar on Youtube, Sweet Kayro! You deserve the best!


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