She Cried For 3 Days, Looking At Each Car, Hoping The Owner Would Come Back To Pick Her

This is peggy

 she was left by the roadside for almost 3 days.Peggy is dumped like  garbage and she has little chance to survive in this desolate place. She was dumped by a family she trusted and loved. 

She cried on the sport, looking at each car, waiting and waiting for the owner to come back to pick her up .

of course no one stopped to help take this baby. Suddenly I saw a plea to Peggy, and I stopped.

I heard her crying , my heart was broken , I loved her from the first time I met her .I told her a lot, I love her , I won't let her be alone again . She trusted me . I brought her to Vet and I'm really happy. I become the owner of this sweet baby.

Peggy is fine, She will be picked up the next day. The sweet little girl kept kissing my hand. after many days she is better and she is enjoying her time with other dogs . 

Now she has a warm life with friends and wonderful owner .

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