She Was Hungry, Crying Because Didn’t Have Enough Milk To Feed 8 Puppies In The Middle Of Hot Street

Rosie and her 8 kids , this poor girl just got dumped on the street by her owner. 

No one knows the reason but this sweet girl is sad because the person the once loved has abondoned her. Rosie alone raised 8 children. 

There is no food or water here. it's too sunny .

The girl still tries to protect the small chirldren . this generous mother is truly beatiful. 

The puppies are also extremly cute.Most importantly,this family is safe now.they are lying on a soft mattress in a wonderful foster home . She is doing it all for the puppies. 

In the early days in her new house, she was a bit shy . but  now she is better ,she is enjoying her time . the cut puppies are growing 

iIn the end , her family and the protect outcome we've all dreamed of . 

Thanks for all who are supporting us and trying to help .

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