She Was Kicked Out of The House, Sad And Exhausted By The Scorn of Passersby

 Meet Preciosa !  

Preciosa's story has moved many people and brought tears to her eyes .

The owner even bat her and threw her in the street . 2 days passed, she kept looking at the house where she used to live . she is very sad .

She roamed and searched for food on the streets, in small alleys, she is ina small town . during one such hike, she was beaten and her thigh was broken. she has to drag in the street . 

This time , she couldn't walk on her own and had to lean on the fence from exhaustion . Prociosa was brought to Vet with all prayers. 

after 2 days she had a surgery  and she will be ableto walk and move more after this surgery .


later after 7 days , Preciosa has improved, she begins to walk again .  

15 days later , Preciosa walked a little , She is moving as directed by the Doctor.  

After many days the wound has healed , She was carefully examined for  her injuries.  

After one month , Preciosa has made a full recovery. The girl is sweet and extremely friendly .

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  • Anonymous May 8, 2022 at 5:50 PM

    Did she get adopted or not


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