Tearful Journey From Emaciated Puppy Almost No Breath, Dumped On The Pavement To Happy Dog!

Meet Recka we got a report call for help a poor puppy lying on the sidewalk,barely alive, emaciated,dehydrated,she lying there hopeless waiting for her destiny!

 I have no words for this! it doesn t matter how many times you see this your heart does not get conditioned to suffering.

Risk of dying is very high so time was limited.we went to the vet ! After get first treatment, clean the wound all her body, great that recka eat his first meal.after 2 days almost skins and fur on her emaciated body was lost ! 

How pain and how long she suffered depite many people passby but no one help for days! 
 it s bee 3 days with its new owner ! he is now standing ,eating and gluttony !

Now she can jump even if she has a fracture in her right arm  . She is getting better and better every day.

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