The Dog Realized He Was Being Given Away; He Trembled and Cried as He Watched His Owner Leave

 Onlookers were moved when they witnessed a little canine being given to a new proprietor. The canine quivered and cried while watching his master leave. This is the reason why people shouldn't have pets if they aren't ready to tend to them. They're also like us. They need food and sanctum. 


 This is a story of a canine proprietor who had no choice but to give his furbaby down since he was leaving and couldn't go to bring the canine with him. 

 A man arrived in a shop, carrying his bag and a small terrier canine with him. The shop proprietor wondered about this after the man left. The coming day, the man with the canine returned and told the shop proprietor that he seems like a good person to take care of his terrier canine. 

 Artificially, the canine realized he was being given away to another proprietor. His eyes filled with gashes, and his master was moved. He spoke with the shop proprietor about his situation. He said that his business failed. He's now homeless and has to leave to find another place to stay. He realized that he could no longer keep the canine. Hence, he asked the shop proprietor to take him in. 



 It was apparent that the man loved his canine since he kept stroking it. His disinclination to leave was clear. Onlookers who witnessed the emotional moment were moved. 


 The master left with gashes in his eyes. He couldn't hold back his feelings he'd to cover his mouth so the canine would not see. 

 When the terrier canine saw his master leave, he started mewling, and gashes rolled down his eyes while he quivered. 

For one last farewell, the proprietor came back, hugged his canine for the last time, and also he left, crying. Sad farewell. 

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