A Dog Act As Surrogate for Five Orphaned Cheetah Cubs

Dog adopts orphaned cheetah cubs after their mother go away (Video)

After five cheetah cubs lost their mom willow following a prayer c-section . 

we stuck the  babies are doing much better with  the help of a dog who's  acting alike their surrogate. 

Lately the cincinnati zoo resident nursery companion to all baby animals has  providing non-stop snuggling and comfort to the recently orphaned cheetah cubs  

the premature cuties are being bottle fed every three hours and being closely monitored the pups first assignment as surrogate is allowing the cubs to climb on him to help build  muscle toning and to get their bodies moving

 as the cubs continue to grow blakeley will act as  their role model this is the first cheetah  cub that blakeley has raised two years ago he cared . 

for Savannah after her mom could  likely sure is a special pop and helps raise any animals in need at the zoo.

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