A man took a chance on a sc.ared feral Dog, and transformed him to a sweet & loving Pet!

 An animal shelter in Georgia was organizing a Pardons Week in order to place all of the animals in permanent or foster homes and avoid euthanasia. 

The week was coming to a conclusion, and it appeared that some pets were not going to make it. 

Jimmy, a scarred and fearful dog, is one of them. 

Jimmy was wild, and they couldn't even touch him. Fortunately, a generous people took a risk on Jimmy.

This man who saw something wonderful in this dog and never gave up on him Such a BEAUTIFUL puppy A true animal lover. The ideal FUREVER house...!

As We viewed this film, tears welled up in our eyes... I'm overjoyed that someone saved Jimmy and provided him with the affection he required.

This story has a nice ending. Thank you for loving him and shaping him into the man he is today.

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