A sick dog was walking across the bridge, suddenly a car stopped nearby.

 Hello everyone on the animal life channel a sick dog was walking along a bridge suddenly a car stopped nearby a  family was driving across a bridge in the state of Florida suddenly they saw a sick dog that was hardly walking along . 

The road on theyard stopped the car they decided to take a picture of the dog and contact the rescue service  but the dog realized that it's time to take fate into our own hands as soon as people opened the doog of the car .

The dog immediately  jumped into the car, he understand that he needed help, the people did not tick the dog out, ther were glad that the dog did not run away and took him to the vet clinic.

the couple also paid for the trreatment, the dog was named Kesley after  examing the doctor, they realized that the dog is in serious condition, he has hours to a lot of parasites , severe exhaustion  everyone hoped only for the youth of the dog, if he fought for hislife, he turned out to be sweet and kind .

 He endured all the procedures and liked the hands of everyone who saved him, all the staff of the vet clinic fell in love with  this dog. 

The dog was treated and given to over exposure of a girl to a volunteer girl and her dog Gina were so attached to if they couldn't give it to anyone noe sour looks happy and cheerful  dog found a real home and loving family .

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