Abandoned Dog Waiting Near Door for Days in Hope her Owner Come Back for Her

 This little dog was waitong for a hero to help her and take her to live in better conditions . 

a whole month this dog was walking around and coming back to the same place where she lived with her family in hope they return and take her back.  

My country, Ukraine is under attack !! 

we have so many dogs who become abandon by their owner leaving the coyntry !  Rescues like this happen only with your support to help to change the lives of helpless animals  .

 She kept returning back to the same place . then a young woman notice her and decide to take her home and take care of her , until this doggy find a suitable lovely home  . 

This little dog is a sample of many other pets which are in the same situation during this was . please let's do our best  to help thhem as much as we can .

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