Blind Dog Chained For 13 Years Gets To Live His Golden Days In Freedom

 A small blind puppy was finally given a chance at freedom after living in deplorable conditions for 13 years.

Rescuers learned that the unfortunate pup had been chained to a small dog shed and had been ignored her whole life. He wasn't given enough food, drink, or social interaction, and his rescuers were amazed he was still alive after 13 years. - Commercial –

Thankfully, they were able to rescue the dog, whom they called Bunny, and place him in a suitable home where he could live out his golden years.

The first thing they did after rescuing Bunny was to give him some food. He gorged himself!

After that, it was time for a check-up, and they discovered that Bunny had ticks and fleas and required "urgent medical care."

He was treated for his ailments and even given a bath.

He eventually had to move into his foster home until he could find a permanent family. During Bunny's foster mother's description, the senior dog went carefully across the grass — he'd never been in a green area before.

Bunny's life was so full of possibilities in his new home. And that's not all. Bunny was quickly adopted by a loving family in Croatia by the rescuers. Bunny has been adopted and is now enjoying his independence.

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