Callous Kids Tied Fireworks To His Back & Set Them Off ‘For Fun’

 A canine, now named Tango, suffered awful abuse when kiddies tied fireworks to his reverse and set them off.


 The explosion tattered his poor little body, and when he arrived at the sanitarium, he was in a state of shock and could slightly open his eyes. 

 Thankfully, he was now in good hands with Viktor Larkhill, his platoon of saviors, and their stagers. 

He passed exigency surgery to repair his injuries, and spent months in the sanitarium recovery. It took a long time for him to heal, and he spent numerous weeks in pain, but he noway gave up. 

 Despite the horror he endured, all he wanted was love. 


 Moment, Tango receives unconditional love from his new ever family. He gets to play and run around with his new pooch siblings, and is putrefied as can be. 

 He's eventually passing life as he should, and doesn't let his awful history define him. 


 Larkhill still keeps in touch with his new family and has lately gotten a awful update from them. It’s been several times since they espoused Tango, and he's doing so great! 

 Watch his deliverance, recovery and new life in the video below