Devastated Family Unable To Afford Dog’s Medical Bills Forced To Surrender Her

 The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is dedicated to giving animals a second shot at life, which includes assisting their owners, says ilovemydogsomuch.

When a grieving family was forced to relinquish their dog due to unpaid medical costs, the shelter employees decided to do something wonderful in time for the Christmas.

Joy the dog had broken her leg, and her owners had no method of paying her medical fees. As a result, they had to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender Joy to the shelter. Joy's leg was operated on by the humane society in the spirit of Christmas.

"We discovered that the bone had been crushed beyond repair after analyzing Joy's x-ray." Joy's only option was amputation. "In the spirit of Christmas, we amputated Joy's leg today and invited Joy's family to come and take her up free of charge," the humane society said on Facebook. 

The family couldn't believe what they were hearing and burst into tears of delight.

The family was pleased, and the shelter personnel felt good about brightening someone's Christmas. Pets are family members, and we can only image how happy Joy's family is to have her back. In the spirit of giving, I Love My Dog encourages our readers to contact their local shelters or pet rescue organizations if they are interested in adopting a dog.

 Millions of wonderful pets are just a mouse click away from finding their everlasting homes.

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