Dog Found in Zipped Suitcase Dumped at Park is Lucky to Be Alive

 Despite the horrible way she was abandoned, a puppy placed in a suitcase and dropped at Wintery Park is in good condition. Joggers in a Toronto park noticed a suitcase laying on the ground and were surprised when it moved. When the joggers opened the luggage in Lambton Park in Etobioke, they discovered a little Jack Russell terrier mix inside.

One of the joggers is a fan of the Canadian animal organization Black Dog Rescue and approached them for assistance.

Black Dog Rescue uploaded images of the abandoned dog in the hopes of discovering the owner, along with the following:

Do you know who this dog is?

Saturday morning [January 4, 2020], joggers (BDR supporters) discovered a suitcase in Lambton Park, Etobicoke (near the Humber River at Dundas Street West and Scarlett Road). The luggage shifted as they came closer. A dog could be heard inside. 

They knew the luggage had been tossed down the slope above where they discovered it. They were able to trace the suitcase's drag marks for 200 meters after climbing the slope. It took them to the back of the parking lot of Lambton Arena. The perpetrator may have arrived from adjacent residential complexes or driven to the arena's parking lot to dispose of her.

At this time of year, the area where they were running is rarely frequented. Fortunately, the weather was warmer than usual, otherwise she would have died of cold. She had obviously lately had pups. She was checked for a microchip but none were found. At Animal Services, she is safe.

The police were contacted, but there isn't much they can do until they uncover evidence on neighboring cameras. As a result, we must identify her owners so that the police may speak with them. Whoever did this to her must be held accountable. She is deserving of nothing less.

Fortunately, the dog does not appear to have been abused or mistreated. However, the terrible manner in which she was discarded baffles dog lovers and officials, who point out that there are simple and humane methods to surrender a dog to a local shelter. 

The dog, who is perhaps 5 to 7 years old, does not have a microchip or an ID collar, but several observant viewers observed an imprint around her neck, indicating she had wore a collar.

The dog is currently in the hands of Animal Services and will be examined thoroughly by a veterinarian later this week. Meanwhile, she will not be available for adoption.

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