Dog makes daring leap out of window to escape burning home

What an escape! So glad this brave dog is safe and sound now!

 Cats are occasionally stated to have “nine lives,” due to their potential to usually land on their feet. But the equal can be stated about one dog, who bravely escaped from a burning domestic by means of leaping out the window from the 2d floor.

According to NBC Philadelphia, a man named Justin Steinmetz noticed a smoke-filled domestic in Fleetwood, Berks County whilst using to work. The domestic had no humans interior — the adults have been at work and the children have been at faculty — and Justin frantically tried to get help.

He bought every other driver to name 911 and commenced attempting to put the fireplace out with a hose, to no avail. Firefighters quickly arrived to fight the flames.

But the scenario took a dramatic flip after the family’s dog, Charlie, regarded in the home’s second-story window, desperately making an attempt to escape.

The firefighters coaxed Charlie into leaping out the window, the solely way to safety. In a dramatic second captured on video by way of Justin, the canine makes a courageous leap. While he had been charred through the fire, he made it out alive.

“He had a mouth full of smoke, lungs full of smoke, and he jumped to safety,” Justin informed NBC. “He jumped when he wished to, that’s what matters.”

The family’s different dog, and their two cats, had been additionally determined on the scene after managing to get away the home.

While it’s extremely good the pets survived, the homeowners, recognized as the Stump family, “lost everything” in the fire. A GoFundMe marketing campaign was once set up to assist them get again on their ft after dropping their home.

“We are very grateful they are ok, however are painfully conscious that their lives will be extensively impacted as a end result of the devastating fireplace to their domestic today,” the website online reads. The web page has raised $40,000 for the family.

But Justin, who runs a farm and says he will be lending the family some child goats for “goat therapy,” says the pets’ survival is a primary silver lining.

“I experience blessed that the animals acquired out alive, that’s the large thing,” he instructed NBC.

What a dramatic get away from this burning home! We’re so happy Charlie is protected now, and are sending this household our ideas and prayers as they get better from this devastating fire.

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