Dog trapped underground for more than 60 hours rescued by firefighters

 Fortunately, this story had a satisfying conclusion!

A terrified puppy was rescued after being imprisoned underground for days by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and firemen. Shortly before midday on March 1, rescuers in Coalville, Leicestershire, got a report about a distressed dog stuck in a badger's sett.

The caller identified himself as the dog's concerned owner, who also stated that the animal had been stuck for more than 60 hours. The dog slipped inside the sett but was unable to escape after being imprisoned there for more than 60 hours, according to the Daily Mail.

Inspectors from the RSPCA responded swiftly, and when the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service came, they carefully listened to identify where the dog was. Based on the pet's barking, they narrowed down a location and began excavating. According to reports, officials also utilized specialist listening and detecting equipment to locate the trapped canine, and more rescue professionals were sent in to help.

They discovered it about 4 p.m. after much digging, owing to the dog's whimpers. The dog was ultimately rescued just before 5 p.m. and handed over to RSPCA inspectors in a secure manner. 

After everything that had happened, the puppy was allowed to rest on the ground for a while before being reunited with its devoted owner.

Because no other animals were found in the region, it is likely that the badger sett was inactive. The rescue comes only days after a border terrier was trapped inside a badger sett in Rowde, Wiltshire, for six days. Bumble, the dog, slipped into it while out for a walk, according to Mirror. 

Her owner, Annie Davidson, had then put out a missing dog appeal, assuming that her dog had climbed out of it because she was nowhere to be seen.

Bumble stuck her head out of the soil one day and fought to go back to safety. Of course, the dog was dehydrated and weak from not eating for 6 days, but happily, her condition was not life-threatening and she was saved. "We're overjoyed to have Bumble back." She had a horrific encounter. 

Bumble jumped out of the badger den. "She's really skinny and dehydrated, but otherwise good," Davidson said, happy that her cat was doing well.

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