Hero dog is stabbed in the head as it saves its owner from street robber in Cape Town... but incredibly cheats death for emotional reunion

Dogs are one of the most faithful creatures who can shower you with unconditional love. They're not just faithful to, but also protective of the families they live in.

Brave Dog Gets Stabbed In The Head While Saving His Human, Survives Miraculously

 Dogs are one of the most devoted creatures, capable of showering you with unconditional affection. They are not only loyal to, but also protective of the families in which they dwell.

A German Shepherd recently defended its owner from robbery and nearly killed him in the process. The event occurred in South Africa when Gino Wensel went on a stroll with his dog, Duke, according to Mail Online.

A few minutes later, though, he observed a guy approaching him with a knife in his hand. When Duke noticed the thief, he started snarling at him. To halt it, the thief stabbed Duke in the head, gravely wounding it.

Duke, on the other hand, would not back down and kept barking at the thief, scaring him away before dying in a pool of blood. Wensel mistook his dog for dead until he discovered the warrior was still alive.

With the assistance of a friend, he drove Duke to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWSSA). The knife's blade miraculously missed Duke's brain by centimeters, and the vet at the clinic rescued him. Duke's therapy was free of charge because Wensel was unemployed and had very little money.

"Their love is so important, and to be able to save Duke and return him to Gino was absolutely great," specialists at the hospital said.

Here's a cute video of the Duke and Wensel reuniting:

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