His Only Fault Is That He's Being A Pitbull, Dog Gets Shot Ends Up Losing Both Right Limbs

 Fifty the Pit Bull was born to help others. When his mother was rescued by a kind family, she was pregnant. Fifty was finally adopted by the family from among his littermates.

The lively puppy was living the happy life with his people and another doggy sibling, Izzy, when the unimaginable occurred.

A patrolling cop grew worried when he noticed Fifty and shot him in both of his right limbs. Fifty was a lovely and friendly dog, thus this was a typical example of Pit Bull prejudice.

However, this awful event irreparably altered his life, and the poor dog had both of his right legs amputated as a consequence of bullet wounds.

Fifty was just learning to balance on his two surviving legs when his world was once again flipped upside down.

This time, Fifty and Izzy's owners were compelled to surrender them to the shelter after losing their house owing to the recession. After losing the single consistency in his life, Fifty was back to square one.

During this dark and difficult era in his life, Fifty realized his inner spark. He refused to be a victim of his circumstances and decided to earn his way back up.

He would first stand with the assistance of walls, only to falter time and again. He was soon able to walk and run normally again because to his everlasting devotion and tenacity!

After 9 months of rebuilding himself at the shelter, Fifty finally got his adored forever home.

He instantly fell in love with his new people and siblings and pledged to be a nice puppy to them every day.

He settled into his new life, which included many exciting adventures and cuddle sessions.

Fifty's new owners routinely foster dogs in need, so the big guy has jumped at the chance to be the ideal foster brother to other sad creatures like himself.

Fifty is an incredible survivor who stands tall despite his disability and the many curveballs life has thrown at him.

Let us celebrate the story of this underdog and demonstrate that Pit Bulls are much more than a "hated breed."

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  • Anonymous June 28, 2022 at 7:25 PM

    What happened to the A**HOLE that shot him

    • Anonymous August 21, 2022 at 3:43 PM

      Probably nothing it was a cop🤬

    • Anonymous December 28, 2023 at 5:11 PM

      Cop should of been shot in both his right limbs too.


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