Police Rescue A Dog Left On A Post In The Sun And Adopt Her

 A team of police officers in Rome came into a intimidating script. In the sweltering sun, a canine had been abandoned and tethered to a power pole. The fascinating and gentle abandoned canine was named ‘ Maggie, ’ and she had been suffering from the heat for a long time at that position. 


 The Rome police department participated the tale on Facebook. Officers from the San Giovanni police station, lead by Mauro Baroni, observed the canine, which was reportedly one time old, tethered to a pole in full daylight. 

Maggie was unfit to move freely and appeared to be suffering from the heat. 


 To help her recapture her strength, the agents released her and offered her some water and food. According to Moment Italy, the abandoned canine was transported to a external kennel, where it was established that she demanded an identity microchip and she remained there till her possessors were plant. 

Maggie’s cousins couldn't be located after several passes. Still, one of her agents, who had been visiting her at the kennel and had grown attached to her, decided to borrow her and give her a loving home. 

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