Poodle Lived Life On Short Chain, Wondering If His Family Would Ever Cut Him Loose

 A concerned neighbor spotted her neighbor's dog tied outside, without food, water, or medical treatment. She saw that this puppy required assistance and phoned a local animal shelter.

Rescuers agreed to help and accompanied the woman to the dog's house. It was far worse than they had expected when they saw the puppy. The unfortunate puppy was chained to a tree, near to an empty, dirty pan.

The dog could barely walk a few feet around the tree since the chain was so short. Because his owner never washed or cared for him, his coat was dirty and produced a horrible stench.

The dog was friendly and appeared glad that people were finally paying attention to him for the first time in his life.

They quickly provided food and water to the malnourished puppy and spoke with the owner about maybe surrendering the dog to him.

Fortunately, the owner consented, and the dog was assured that he would never have to suffer again.

When rescuers returned him to them, the first thing they did was give him a much-needed wash to remove the dirty odor. The water not only removed the filth, but it also cleansed him of his heinous past.

He is now clean and healthy and seeking for a permanent home.

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  • Anonymous August 8, 2022 at 7:27 AM

    Bless this wise and kind man!


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