Rescue Homeless Dog Suffers from Horrific Skin Warts Full of His Body

This poor homeless dog was found wandering alone at a road side in chonburi province.

He was suffering alone from horrific warts covered full of his body .

He had endured the pain and the disease that had hurt him for months. He was taken to a vet clinic by a volunteer who came up just in time after got a call from an animal lover. 

The vet shocked when they first saw him because it's a kind of cancer... 

And he would have died if nobody helped him... they treated him for pain and started to remove warts from his body. 

The warts were getting collapsed each day but the poor dog also needed chemo treatment... 


He underwent an amazing recovery after just five mo,ths in the vet's office with the best medical treatment and loving care ... 

He is now living in his new forever home and fully recovered. 

Thanks to all kindhearted people for the help and donations to cover his medical bills . 

Without your love, he would have not survived and never have today ...

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