Rescue the puppy that was in an accident on the highway. God's miracle saved the puppy


here is a team helping little animals who need help 

We are the animal rescue team. if small animals need help, please get in touch with us !

it was sunny day when we get a call from a man , told us that there is a little doggy   lying on the ground and bleeding like he's been in an accident

We went directly to that place where we found the little doggy in bed situation .

We took him to the Vet clinic to check and give him all the treatements he need .
After treating his wounds we cleaned his body which was full of blood .

we give him some food to get more energy because his body is weak .  

After many days he is better , he is walking and playing with us .

Thanks god that we got the call and helped him . and thanks for all those who are helping us to help thos little animals .

Keep supporting us to do our job 

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