rescued little puppy stuck in the rain fully wet then feeding poor puppy very good food

 Rescued little puppy stuck in the rain fully wet 

this little dog was staying alone in the rain without food or home , people told us about it 

we went to the place to find him ,we found this little puppy in bad conditions , living in cold without food or anything , it seems as he didn't eat since many days  .

He was tired and cann't walk too much , we too him to the vet to check up . the postive thing was that he  don't have any serious problem 

but the negative point is that he lost weight and his body is week , we have to take care of him .
the Vet give him some vetamine and treatement and now it's our turn to help this little doggy .

after many days , he is better , his health is in better conditions . 

He is lovely doggy looking for lovely home .

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