Scared to Death Puppy Kept Facing the Wall Until She Met her Mama

 We were told about poor scared dog that recently appearzd in the basement of an abandoned house.

Volunteers have already tried to rescue this dog, but she didn't let them close to her, 

And even bit them . We immediately drove at the location that was sent to us . 

Few minutes later we found her . She is so scared, trying to find a way out and run away . She even refuses to eat, her fear is stronger than her hunger...  

She is a female, she iss about 4 months old . What could happen in her life so she is affraid of people so much ?   

We named her Masha . She was treated for parasites, vaccinated . Rescues like this happen only with your support. if you like what we do , please support us in our mission to help animals . 

2 weeks later .... We have some progress . Masha is no longer pees in fear when we are near .