She crawled to look at us in tears and asking “where are my puppies”

 We recieved a call from a high school student with a worried voice.

it took us hours to find the dog she was talking about . she could not get uo and move with difficulty what made u cry was that her breasts were still full of milk .

we split up to look, but we couldn't find any puppies around . I took her to the vet while my colleague stayed . Test results and X-rays showed everything was in the normal range .

Every thing was strange , she still had sensitivity in her feet .we needed to stay in the vet to find out the cause but her eyes were very worried at that time .sje seemed to want to ask me about her puppies . we suspected someone took her puppies away .

Hope they would be well taken care of in kind families ..

She was tired and can't walk . She started her rehabilitation training ;every journey had many difficulties at the beginning ,there were many times when she wanted to give up .

Thanks to the doctor's encouragement, she continued .

We named her Lido and She worked hard every day .She could stand, Could even walk a short distance. Faith was lit in this girl's unhappy soul.

After practice, we paid attention to her nutrition . training took a lot of energy and she was so hungry .she ate it deliciously and quickly .and this was the result of our tireless efforts . Our girl was able to get up and walk around .

After many days she start walking well and she is enjoying her new life with us .

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  • Anonymous May 30, 2022 at 6:35 AM

    these dogs trust there masters 100 percent maybe people should give them the same love and respect that the dogs give them


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