She Decided To Give Up After More Than A Month Of Crying For Help At The Abandoned House

 Jade was found alone in a house with closed gates and high walls, where no one lived.Her body was thin, only skin and bones because she had not eaten and drank for a long time.

She didn't even have the stre,ghth to loft her small head.And soon an emergency rescue took place and she was taken to the vet . 

Jade was diagnosed with parvovirus and distemper . The doctor performed a high level blood transfusion to save her life . She still had severe diarrhea and weakness, but everything was under control. 

The vet said she was alive by a miracle. Although the PCR results had not made much progress, Jade started eating again. 

She had a bit of strenghth back then to at least feed herself. She had to go through hunger, cold, and disease but still fought hard for life. 

Jade deserved to be a strong warrior. The day Jade was discharged from the vet was also the day she returned to her new owner. From then on , she would life a life full of love and care . 

I was so happy that I was able to change her fate.

 An active and energetic dog,what she got was totally worth it .

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