She Had To Hide In The Dark So The Sun Wouldn’t Scorch Her Skin And Fall Off

 According to ilovemydogsomuch, a stray dog that was a result of her horrible surroundings felt desperate.

She had awful wounds on her body from a serious skin illness. Her skin was so red and raw that she sought refuge in the darkest corners, away from the light and from others. 

Her skin was burning and itching like hell. She was humiliated in addition to being in agony.

In addition to having mange, the stray was malnourished. She had to look for food because she couldn't feed herself easily. This was even more difficult now that the sun had blistered her skin– and hiding in the dark was her only method to relieve the pain.

She was terrified when rescuers arrived to aid her. She had no idea who they were or what their objectives were. She bolted right away and didn't stop for an hour. No one could come near enough to her to capture her.

Finally, Animal Aid rescuers were able to corner her and bring her back to their refuge. They named her Lottie and began her comprehensive examination. 

This is when the medical team recognized Lottie was on the verge of death. Her skin was in such terrible shape that infection set in. It was just a (short!) matter of time until she perished from her skin illness.

Lottie's skin was extremely sensitive. It's no surprise that the sun burned her skin! It was falling off due to infection. She had to be in a lot of agony. Oh, poor baby! (She's also really thin!)

Lottie began therapy for mange. This included topical creams as well as IV antibiotics. She was also given IV pain medication. This would make a significant difference! 

She'd also have medicinal baths every day. Her skin was soothed and she felt terrific after the baths!

Lottie made incredible growth in a short period of time. Her improved diet also helped a lot! Her "pain changed into play" three weeks later (Animal Aid says in their video). 

Lottie's whole personality shifted. Her fur has even grown back! The dog who had been hiding from the light and humans began to grin!

She adored everyone at the facility. She realized they were on her side, fighting for her well-being. She was no longer unnoticed. She was no longer in pain.

Lottie and other unique dogs Every single one of them!

 They may not realize it, but their lives are just as important as that of any other dog living happily in a household. We are overjoyed that Lottie is safe and well. She will no longer go hungry or seek shelter in the dark. Congratulations, Animal Aid! Congratulations, Lottie!