She Is Very Sad Because She Has no Strength Left to Protect The Newborn Puppies

 The little mother is shivering buut never stops warming her baby.

She is too tough. So cold ,so painul .But it's still beautiful.And everything will be different. 

Cantinho will rescue this whole family .Being able to provide support and warmth to this warrior is a gift from all of us . 

No cold ,no drizzle, no fear, no abandonment . Nine lives will begain again. 

There are six men and two women.And a beautiful mother . 

The babies are about 20 days old but they have begun to open their eyes.and their mother is not in good conditions to take care of theme. she is ill and her body is weak .

They are better but they need to take care of theme . They are looking for a lovely home to grow with in love and to enjoy their life .

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