Skinny Mother Took All Her Remaining Breath to Care For 6 Tiny Puppies

Met Liza and her six young people in an industrial park. We are honestly emotional. Liza, she’s simply pores and skin and bones. 

She is ailing and residing a very depressing life. Mixed in is a feeling of concern and bewilderment. She’s exhausted however nonetheless tries to defend her kids. 

She shields them from detached people. They pushed aside her like trash. She cringed and was once very sad.  

They were eaten for the first time without having to compete with other big dogs.

6 puppies are very bewildered. Do they not understand what is going on ? 

Urgently they are taken to the veterinary clinic . Liza is receiving nutrition. She is also enjoying a delicious food.  

The 6 puppies are being examined, they will be vaccinated next week . 

Liza has a warm bad. She is very content because she has a very safe life , The firl is friendly and getting more and more beautiful . 


15 days later , Their amazing pictures prove their current life . 

Thanks for everyone who loves and supports such angels . 

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  • Anonymous May 6, 2022 at 10:40 AM

    I hope she gets every thing to keep her happy .A good example of how Mothers do so much for their babies


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