They Broke Both His Front Legs & Dumped Him, He Kept Begging Strangers For Help

 Chewie the Yorkie was thrown down like a piece of trash in Santa Ana demesne in Orange County, California. Despite both his frontal legs being fully fractured, the canine hid his pain and smiled at nonnatives, hoping someone would help him. After spending days in misery, he was eventually saved by the staff at OC Animal Care.

At the sanitarium, an X-ray revealed that Chewie’s broken legs had started to heal in a crooked position. This meant that the poor baby had sustained the injury several weeks ago, but his proprietor noway bothered to take him to a vet . It’s largely possible that the proprietor themselves broke Chewie’s legs and also ditched him. 


 The vet performed a delicate surgery to fix Chewie’s legs. The recuperation after the surgery was really tricky, but the fragile boy turned out to be a solid soldier! He trusted his active caretakers whole-heartedly and by the coming week, he was happily frolicking about in the lawn indeed with his cast still on! 



 Chewie got espoused soon after he made a complete recovery! His new mama, Cheryl, is head over heels in love with this little boy, while his mortal and doggie siblings also adore him to bits. Way to go, squeeze! Chewie has clearly charmed his way into our hearts with his innocent grins and bright spirit! 

 Click the videotape below to watch how an abandoned Chewie brazened his mischances with a smile and plant his happy ending! 

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