This Old, Blind And Unhealthy Dog Just Got A New Life

 Gordon brought a dog that is a pretty bad condition . he is very matted and he has all of the dreads . he is also blind . 

She found him on a post on facebook  from a town called sambor which is an hour and half driving from my city . and she went pick him up  and here hi is in my salon  but the saddest thing is that  he has a microship .

W realized he has microchip and we call the vet and send him the number of the microchips  and they give us the phone number of his owner and we saw that his name is Lucky.

Lucky  is 10 years old and he has not been vaccinating  from 2016  . then we called the owner  and told that his dog is missing and it is with us . 

The owner is an elder man  he said that he realized that he was not here for like two weeks  .I don't know where is he . 

We told he is here in our city and we asked him if he want us to brin the dog to him  after finishing the groom  ....

it seems like he does not want him because he is blind  even though he is been there for 10 years .

We asked why is he in bad conditions , he answered the dog does not allow me to groom him he wants to bit me and we also realized that he has some ticks  . 

We decided to not give him back to his owner  because he is going to end up who knows where . We will give him the groom then take him to the vet . The vet told us that he had many healthy issues and he need to be treated as soons as possible  to be better . we did our best to take care of him and to give him all the treatements he need .

And now he is in better conditions , lovely dog enjoying his life .

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