Woman adopts sweet pitbull puppy on Betty White’s birthday

The whole family immediately fell in love with Opal, including Opal's new pittie brother, who begged his mom to keep her.

 Not everyone would feel the same way, especially if they had limited room and money. As dog owners, it is our job to meet their requirements and provide them the best life possible.

Some people find it difficult to accomplish that with just one dog. However, if you have room for more than one, you will undoubtedly desire a friend for your favorite dog.

Brianna discovered a pittie rescued by Wags and Walks.

She went to the shelter to see how the poor puppy was doing. Opal, the rescued pittie with several injuries, including a broken jaw, was there. Her tongue was exposed from the side since it was twisted and large.

Brianna never hesitated. She asked the shelter if she could foster and adopt her. Opal got a temporary place to remain in after a few vet checkups and making sure her ailments were repaired.

Despite having her jaws wired and having to wear a muzzle, Brianna sensed Opal's enthusiasm and affection for her family. She meets them eagerly, showering them with hugs and kisses.

Opal's fate was unknown to the shelter. However, based on her injuries, Brianna concluded that Opal was most likely a stray dog who was hit by a car. She was relieved that Wags and Walks had saved the dog and given it a second opportunity.

That's when Opal met Brianna's pitbull, Duke.

Opal was still healing from her injuries, so both dogs were walled in. However, it was clear that they were delighted to meet each other. Their tails were wagging, and they "spoke" to each other constantly at the fence.

When Opal was imprisoned, the two would moan and wail. Brianna knew she had to let them play together one day and that she would just have to wait.

Fortunately for the two pals, the wait wasn't too long.

Brianna ultimately caved and dismantled the barrier that separated Opal and Duke. She was concerned about her injuries, but Duke demonstrated that he would be cautious with priceless Opal. And boy, did he back her up!

They spent time hugging or playing with each other. The only disappointment was that Opal could watch Duke playing and biting at toys but couldn't due of her muzzle. Duke most likely felt this way, and he was continually trying to bite it out of Opal's jaws. Of course, Brianna would chastise him.

Brianna received permission from the vet to remove the muzzle after five months.

Opal and Duke rushed about and played as soon as they got home! They witnessed Opal's actual personality — a fun-loving, lively, silly puppy that enjoys playing. Of course, with Duke by her side.

Brianna understood Opal had turned into "Duke's puppy," and she didn't want to take her away from him.

On Betty White's birthday, they chose to adopt Opal!

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