After saving her life, a police officer adopts an abandoned injured puppy.

 Officer Sara Rogers of the Augusta Police Department was summoned on July 16 to collect an injured puppy that had been abandoned.

While officials looked for her owner, she brought the dog to a nearby veterinarian.

Officer Rogers checked on the puppy throughout her shift to ensure she was alright until Kennebec Humane Society officials arrived.Officer Rogers even had a meal with the dog, and the two of them had formed a deep relationship.

Rogers knew she had to do more to help this sweet dog. They were never adopted, so she chose to foster her until she was suitable for adoption.

When it came time for her to find a new home, Rogers couldn't let her go.

Rogers made the choice to keep the dog, which she named Rey after a Star Wars Jedi.

The August Police Department shared a photo of the adorable couple along with the poignant story on their Facebook page.

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  • Anonymous June 10, 2023 at 4:19 PM

    How wonderful that the officer adopted this dog. May they bring joy to each other throughout their lives.


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