An OrphanPuppy With a Tumor Covering His Face Is Sad Because of Being Teased by Passersby

Team rescue's story 

Brady  has been used like a drag roll for the local children, who beat , kicked and stoned his frail body .

 The horrendous actions covered him with endless bruises. which ultimately led to the massive tumor that swallows his face more and more every day. 

Weighing in at just a more 10 pounds, poor Brady has spent his days dragging the tumor that is half the size of his already tiny figure. 

Each day he was forced to wander the streets enduring the ridicule and disgust from the people, who saw him as just another unwanted and dirty stray.  As of now, the tumor has begun to push into his eye socket, so he will need lots of testing and a very complicated surgery. 

He is far too weak to go under anesthesia for such a long surgery. That being said, he will need intensive therapy and treatment to gain his strength back and depending on the removal, he may require additional chemotherapy. Brady is doing ok. 

He eats using the right side of his mouth and his appetite is great. This little gur really wants to live, he is energitic and continuously wags his tail . He is estimated to be under one years old .

 Sadly the tumonr on his face is suspected to be cancerous as it is hard and quite large: about 10-12 centimeters (4-5 inches) . He is also severely malnourished.  Brady is in ok spirits. He is no longer hungry or cold. He is no longer alone. 

We are waiting for the animal hospital to open tomorrow in order to schedule Brady for X-rays and a biopsy . lots of prayers needed for Brady . 

Update : The +5 pounds mass taking over his face if afficially removed . Brady has been assigned a warm incubator bed. The staff is cecking on him every hour . He is on IV fluids and lots of medications. at a minimum he will be staying at this hospital for the next 5 nights .  

Update : after two weekds Brady is much healthier and has a comfortable new life. Thanks to everyone who made this reality .