Blind Shelter Dog Always Runs When He Hears His Best Friend’s Voice...


Arafa was rescued by Ahmed Embaby, a volunteer at Furever Rescue Foster, after wandering the streets of Cairo, Egypt for a long time.

Arafa's life has been difficult, but her impairment does not stop her from loving everyone she meets, especially her savior Embaby.

According to The Dodo, Arafa is one of hundreds of dogs rescued by the shelter, and he is now safe and grateful. Arafa and Embaby have formed an exceptional bond and are seldom seen apart.

Embaby elaborated:

"All day, Arafa, my blind guardian, follows me about."

When the man arrives at the shelter in the morning to see him, the puppy comes up to him.

Despite his incapacity to see, Arafa's best guide is Embaby's voice.

Embaby is ecstatic to discover that Arafa adores him and shows it by welcoming him to the shelter and sticking by his side.

Arafa will never be able to sight again, but he is now a happy dog because to his rescuers' efforts.

Embaby elaborated:

"He's doing well," says the narrator. I can't tell you how joyful it makes me to watch our rescue animals get better."