Driven to its death: Dog is tied to the roof of a car and taken away to be EATEN from Indian meat market… as passer-tries to save its life

 These horrifying pictures depict dogs being sold at a local meat market in northeastern India while they are tied into bags at the back of automobiles. Although it is illegal to kill dogs for their flesh and consume them, some local activists claim that this practice nevertheless occurs in several rural northeastern regions.

In several of the pictures, a dog is seen chained to a minivan's roof in a shed in northeastern India. Surabhi Jaiswar, a 27-year-old photographer, was inspired by this puppy to look into where these animals were being sent.

I was enjoying my tea while seated at a table when I noticed something moving on the top of the van. I pondered what it may be .

The dog, along with several bags and a mattress, were fastened to the van's roof by a rope that was looped around the animal's mouth and its back, according to Mrs. Jaiswar.

I replied, "You do not abuse a pet like that. I noticed a woman inside the car. I asked her what she was doing to the dog, and she answered it was her pet.

You're going to eat, aren't you? I immediately questioned them since I felt they were referring to meat. She responded "yes,"

"I picked, I even offered to purchase the dog, the driver came and I requested him to allow me buy his dog, but they would not let me; they just glared at me. I pleaded for help, but no one came."

I hurried into the café, and the proprietor informed me that it occurs frequently. They eat dgs there, he remarked. I had been converted. "I was unable to stop it. I simply had to watch them go with the load still fastened to the trailer.

I adore dogs a lot, she declared. In Nagaland, where there is a considerable volume of dog transit, eating dogs is permitted even though it is illegal in India.

Such a terrible destiny is unjustified for any animal.

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