Dog Abandoned In Walmart Parking Lot Won’t Stop Hugging His Rescuers!

 Don't leave your dog tied up if you don't want it. Take it to a shelter where it will be appreciated by someone else... 

Clarence had never experienced being at home. He lived his entire childhood outside in his family's yard before they a.ban.doned him in a 'Walmart parking' lot and went aw.ay.

Clarence also came across two more a.ban.doned dogs, a German shepherd and a Chihuahua-mix.

Clarence and his German shepherd companion were eventually [app.rehe.nded] "by Animal Control," and his owner was notified. Hounds In Pounds stepped in just in time to save Clarence and the German shepherd and find them happy homes.

Clarence holds no grudges towards humans and is so full of love, despite his difficult start in life.

[PetSmart] Charities assists local groups in improving the lives of pets via adoption, increased access to veterinary care, and disaster assistance.

He is wonderful, friendly, and extremely glad to be secure with us, according to Hounds In Pounds. He is bright and warm, and all who come into contact with him are enlightened. His rescuers believe he will provide joy to any family that is fortunate enough to adopt him.

This puppy sounds fantastic! So adorable and grateful to his rescuers.

I'm so thrilled he was rescued and has a wonderful home now!

Bless his heart, he was so grateful that someone assisted him that he demonstrated his gratitude by clinging to them.

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